Local Policies and Initiatives

Local Efforts in Ocean Conservation

Reduce Your Use Tampa Bay

Hillsborough County has teamed up with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful to launch a community education initiative to inform residents, visitors, and businesses about the environmental impacts of single-use plastic products and ways they can help combat the problem.

City of St. Petersburg’s Plastic Straws and Expanded Polystyrene Ordinance

St.Pete City Council passed an ordinance regulating single-use plastic straws city-wide and Styrofoam on city rights-of-way. The transition away from single-use plastics began in January 2019 and will be fully enforced by January 2020.

City of Largo’s Ordinance 2019-19

Largo’s going single-use plastic free! The city passed Ordinance 2019-19 to prevent the distribution and use of #5 (polypropylene) and #6 (polystyrene) food service materials on city property including the use of plastic straws and polystyrene foam products. This includes at events on city property, by vendors and contractors operating on city property, and by city funds.

City of Clearwater’s Resolution 18-08

On May 17, 2018, the Clearwater City Council approved a voluntary resolution that promotes the long-term goal of reducing the harms of plastic pollution and single-use plastics.

The Big Cleanup

Ocean Allies hosted a week-long cleanup in the City of Clearwater between October 11th and October 16th, 2021. This was the largest community-wide cleanup event in Clearwater’s history, involving over 1,200 volunteers at 46 sites around the city. These volunteers were made up of about 50 groups comprised of local businesses, hotels, nonprofit organizations, neighborhoods, and other community groups – who all came together to make a positive impact on the environment.