For Businesses

Whether you are concerned about conservation and/or your bottom line, Ocean Allies is for you.  Imagine locking in the following benefits for your business. This is real-life, and Ocean Allies partners are enjoying this right now.  Why wait?


  • More customers:  Going ocean friendly opens your business to new groups of demographics. Guests/tourists that may not have ever come to your business will do so merely based on that fact.
  • Cross-promotion:  All participants will cross-promote each other, and CMA will promote on our high-traffic website
  • Cost savings:
    1. Decreased waste costs
    2. Purchasing less products
    3. Save on repairs to your dishwasher, drains and pipes
      • Decrease your electricity use
      • Less litter found on your property
      • Co-op buying lowers costs further
  • Increased staff morale: Less staff turnover
  • Improve your brand image:  Being known as ocean friendly will help build your brand equity
  • Enhanced community involvement:  Going ocean friendly becomes an engagement and interaction point with your community.

Explore Bob Heilman's Beachcomber, a certified Ocean Friendly restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

If you want a model like this for your business, click here to find out how you can become an Ocean Ally.

In summary, you get…

More customers

Cost reduction

Multiple staff benefits